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Wed, Jul. 30th, 2008, 09:01 pm
kendell: SJW2 Registration Opens Sept. 1st!

 Media Release



     Founder, Submissive Journey Weekend

     Charlotte, NC

     E-Mail: kendell@submissivejourneyweekend.com


July 30, 2008


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Submissive Journey Weekend 2

“Each One Teach One”



Welcome to the 2nd Annual Submissive Journey Weekend...

  We are proud to announce that registration for our next Submissive Journey Weekend opens September 1st, 2oo8. We cordially invite those who identify as submissive, slave, girl, boi /boy, bottom, pup, etc. to a weekend of learning, growth and support. All genders, sexual orientations, relationship statuses and experience levels, are welcome.


  The classes at SJW will focus on service skills training, personal growth and relationship-oriented classes all with the intent to inspire further learning and growth in the submissive.


  Come stay with us for three days and two nights at a luxurious cabin nestled in the beautiful mountains of TN (near Gatlinburg, TN). We have people that attend from all over the country and even Canada. Your registration package will include lodging, meals, educational materials, event t-shirt, over 20 different classes and large group discussions, and much more.


 In an attempt to offer personalized attention we are offering only 40 openings so please don’t wait to register. We fill up fast!

 Below we have answered some detailed questions about SJW2. Please contact us if you have any additional
questions and we will be happy to address them. 

~ What is SJW? Submissive Journey Weekend

The Submissive Journey Weekend is a weekend dedicated to the education and support of those who identify as submissive, slave, girl, boi /boy, bottom, pup, etc. It is a weekend founded on the idea of “each one teach one”.


This weekend will be produced and facilitated by a group of hand picked submissives and slaves from around the country who are active and committed to educating others within our community.


~ Where is it going to be held?

SJW2 will be held in a luxurious cabin nestled in the beautiful mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Pictures of the cabin are located on our website.


~ What is included in the package?

·        Your attendance into the Submissive Journey Weekend 2 for Friday, May 1st – 3rd 2oo9.

·        A fabulous selection of hands-on workshops, over 20 to choose from.

·        Lodging for Friday and Saturday nights.

·        All meals

·        Evening festivities

·        A weekend get away at a luxurious cabin in the mountains of Tennessee

·        Submissive Journey Weekend T-Shirt

·        A resource book full of handouts for you to take with you on your journey.

·        Gift bag

·        A chance to grow and fellowship with other submissives!

·        And much much more!


~ How much does the package cost?

The cost of the package is  $235.00


~ What will the weekend be offering?

We will be offering approximately 20 classes and several group discussions.


Classes include a variety of skills training and submissive growth classes, ranging from formal service, bootblacking, erotic massage, protocol basics, communication techniques, loss and uncollaring, self-actualization and much more. A full class list is located on our website.


This weekend will also offer  you the opportunity to share your experiences and skills with others, supporting the idea of each one teach one. All we ask is that those who attend come ready to learn and support others during their learning process.


~ What makes this weekend so different?

What makes SJW so different is that the weekend is developed to support the idea that there is a wealth of knowledge to be shared by those who are on a similar path in life. We are offering an intensive residential program where submissives are encouraged to work as a team to make the weekend a success. We offer support in the learning process by pairing each attendee with an appropriate staff member. We also offer after event follow up and encourage each attendee to continue to learn and grow long after the weekend ends.


~ How big is this event?

This event has limited space based on the venue and our desire for individual attention to each of our attendees. We limit the event to 40 attendees.


~ Where do I sign up?

When you get a chance, please visit our website and read the entire site carefully. The registration information can be found on our website.


For more detailed information please feel free to visit our website at http://www.submissivejourneyweekend.com/


~ A Thank you to our Sponsors
This would not be possible without the support and kindness of our sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring or making a donation to the Submissive Journey Weekend please check out our sponsor information page on our website.


Please feel free to cross post this announcement or share it with others who might be interested in this event

Thank you,

girl kendell and slave ziggy